Witchfire .25 or . 50 oz

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A very complex  intoxicating brew with over 200 ingredients, which goes through many interesting transitions as you wear it.  It has a rich spicy beginning, with allspice and jasmine, but then becomes a more smoky and earthy, with frankincense, myrrh, amber, oak, agarwood (oud), patchouli, oakmoss and opoponax resin. I balanced this composition very carefully so that it will smell completely different  on men and women, so couples like to share it.  On women it is more of a spicy jasmine incense scent, on men it smells more like woodsy incense thrown into a campfire.  I've been told it has aphrodisiac effects. One of our bestsellers! Try layering it with Absinthium, Darkwoods, Essence of Autumn, Oud Mystique, Sacred Sandalwood, Tullia's Flowers or Woodland Fey. Also great with October Moon or Scarlett Letter from the Olde Salem Collection.
$55 for .25 oz or $110 for .50 oz. 

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