Wicked Mara .25 or .50 oz. Perfume Oil

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This is a literary fragrance- Mara is a powerful 4000 year old witch in the book Wicked Like a Wildfire,  the ancestor of the clan who originally made their unique pact with Death, to preserve their beauty and youth forever. Her magical powers manifest as blooming black roses. This deep mossy rose scent is a dark and potent brew of Arabian rose, Indian patchouli, black rose, labdanum, agarwood (oud) and spices.    Try layering with Wicked Lisarah from this collection, or Fire of Isis, Oud Mystique or Witchfire (House Blends Collection), or October Moon from the Olde Salem Collection.   If you want to learn more about the character that inspired this fragrance, check out Wicked Like a Wildfire and its sequel Fierce Like a Firestorm  by Lana Popovic. She commissioned me to design fragrances based on her literary characters. Both books available on Amazon and most major booksellers.      $45 for .25 oz.     or $90 for .50 oz.  

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