Wicked Herron .25 or .50 oz .Perfume Oil

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This literary fragrance is based on a complex and rather dangerous character from the book  Fierce Like a Firestorm, a sorcerer, "a man who has swallowed demons". He has been imprisoned at the bottom of the sea for thousands of years but is now free, and a threat to humankind. This scent is extremely dark, salty and brooding, just like the character -  the main note is ambergris, with the blackest oakmoss absolute, patchouli, nagarmotha wood and grapefruit.  Try layering with Beachscape,  Celestial Smoke, Darkwoods, or Sacred Sandalwood (House Blends Collection). If you want to learn more about him check out the books Wicked Like a Wildfire, and its sequel Fierce Like a Firestorm, by Lana Popovic. She commissioned me to design scents based on her literary characters. Both available on Amazon and at major booksellers.          $45.00 for the .25 oz. and $90.00 for the .50 oz.

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