Viking Storm - .25 oz. or .50 oz. Perfume Oil

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 A band of Vikings, shipwrecked on a beach during a fierce storm, are sitting around a smoky fire, laughing and drinking in their wet leathers and furs, determined to continue their quest.  This is an aggressive and forceful blend , with  bracing opening notes of fir needle and rosemary, salty ocean notes, leather, cedarwood, oakmoss and woodsmoke. The evergreen notes come on strong at first but later on it smells like  a fire made with salty driftwood. You've got to love the smell of a fire to enjoy this one!  Try layering with Beachscape, Darkwoods, Forest Rain ,Horse Whispers or Sacred Sandalwood
$45 for .25 oz or $90 for .50 oz.  

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