Tradewinds .25 or .50 oz Perfume Oil

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This fragrance is inspired by Salem's  historic shipping trade with the Spice Islands of the Far East. Spices were highly valued for not only culinary use but for medicinal preparations and helping to preserve food. Fortunes were made importing tons of pepper, clove and cinnamon, and I'm sure these  ships scented the entire town when they came in! This is a take on the classic Bay Rum, with notes of lemon, bergamot, bay, clove, cinnamon, amber and musk, enjoyed by both men and women.  Try layering with Celestial Smoke, Dragonfly, Darkwoods, Essence of Autumn, Forest Rain, Mykonos, or Sacred Sandalwood.  Also nice with October Moon from the Olde Salem Collection.     $30.00 for the .25 oz., and $60 for the .50 oz.

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