Oud Mystique .25 or .50 oz. Perfume Oil

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BEST SELLER!  This exotic ancient Middle Eastern inspired scent has a unique Arabian Nights flair! Smoky, sweet and sensual , a swirling dance of  of Oud (agarwood), Arabian Musk, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Juniper and a hint of French Vanilla, it is great on both men and women.  Most Oud fragrances are extremely heavy, serious and animalic, I tried to give this one a more airy and  joyful vibe. Try layering with Celestial Smoke, Darcy, Darkwoods, Essence of Autumn, Fire of  Isis, Patchouli Nirvana, Rose of Babylon or Shangri-La - or Grail and Sanctify from the SuperNaturals Collection             .25 oz. for $55.00,   .50 oz. for $110

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