Green Man .25 or .50 oz Perfume Oil

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The mysterious Green Man is the ancient spirit of the forest  and all growing things. Images of him were popular in art and architecture from ancient times through the Renaissance, found on homes, churches, castles and more. I tried to capture his elusive essence in this fragrance, using mostly ingredients from trees. In the quiet of the deep forest you may hear his voice, bringing peace, inspiration and healing. Notes of  juniper, pine, galbanum resin, cedar, oak, sweet frankincense and benzoin, green grass notes and aged bourbon vetiver. This is usually more sharp/evergreen on men, more sweet and grassy on women.  Try layering with Absinthium, Darcy, Forest Rain, Patchouli Nirvana, Viking Storm,  or Woodland Fey     $35 for .25 oz or $70 for .50 oz. 

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