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The ultimate rose perfume! This warm, spicy and radiant scent contains Bulgarian Rose Otto, one of the most gorgeous and precious essential oils ( it takes 50 roses to obtain 1 drop of this essence!), along with Italian bergamot, cinnamon leaf, Himalayan cedar and benzoin resin (gum benjamin). It opens the heart chakra, heals emotional wounds, and encourages forgiveness, self-love and confidence. This blend can be a bit cloudy at times because of the natural resins and waxes present in the essential oils- shake gently before use. Try layering with any of our other Rose blends, Sacred Sandalwood or Yasmeen (House Blends). Also beautiful with Wicked Mara (Wicked Collection).    $80 for the .25 oz.,   $160.00 for the .50 oz.
  * Because of the higher price point of this fragrance samples will be smaller than usual. Body products will be available by special order only- please call (978) 740-9400 for pricing and ordering.

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