Grail .25 oz or .50 oz Perfume Oil

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The Holy Grail of rose perfumes! This radiant scent contains Bulgarian Rose Otto, one of the most gorgeous and precious essential oils ( it takes 50 roses to obtain 1 drop of this essence!), along with Italian bergamot, cinnamon leaf, Himalayan cedar and benzoin resin (gum benjamin). The essential oils in this blend are believed to open the heart chakra, helps heal emotional wounds, and encourages forgiveness, self-love and confidence.  This is a warm, comforting, slightly spicy and woodsy rose scent. . All essential oils, blended into a fractionated coconut oil base. This blend can be a bit cloudy at times because of the natural resins and waxes present in the essential oils- shake gently before use. Try layering with any of our other Rose blends, Sacred Sandalwood or Yasmeen (House Blends). Also beautiful with Wicked Mara (Wicked Collection). For a sublime spiritual experience layer with our Fire of Isis.   $80 for the .25 oz.,   $160.00 for the .50 oz.
  * Because of the higher price point of this fragrance samples will be smaller than usual. Body products will be available by special order only- please call (978) 740-9400 for pricing and ordering.

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