Fragrance Layering Suggestions

  Here are some suggestions for layering our House Blends and Olde Salem Scents together on your skin. I encourage you to be creative and have fun!!
The following scents are very versatile and layer well with anything (and each other) : China Rain, China Musk, Egyptian Musk, Dragonfly, Sacred Sandalwood, Tunisian Opium

Here are some interesting combinations to try- please read through the entire list to see all the possibilities, as they are alphabetically arranged:

Absinthium- with Darkwoods, Forest Rain Green Man, 
May Dew, Witchfire,  or Woodland Fey.

Avalon-  with Cool Violet,  Forest Rain, May Dew, or Forever Magnolia.

Beachscape- with Forest Rain, Mermaid, Mykonos.
Breath of Spring- with Cool Violet, Forest Rain, May Dew, Mermaid,  or Tea Blossom.

Celestial Smoke- with Essence of Autumn, Mykonos, October Moon, Pirate, Scarlett Letter, Rose Garden.

Charmed with Cool Violet, Darcy, Forever Magnolia, Lavender Bliss, May Dew.
Cool Violet with Forest Rain, Green Man, Rose Garden, Lilac Chai, Vanilla X, White Lilac.

Darcy- with Darkwoods, Fire of Isis, Forest Rain, Green Man, or  Witchfire.

Darkwoods with Essence of Autumn, Fire of Isis, Forest Rain, Green Man, May Dew, October Moon, Pirate, Tradewinds.

Essence of Autumn with Fire of Isis, Forest Rain, Horse Whispers, October Moon, Pirate, Witchfire.

Fire of Isis with Forest Rain, Horse Whispers, October Moon, Patchouli Nirvana, Rose of Babylon, Witchfire.

Forest Rain with Horse Whispers, May Dew, Green Man, Mykonos, October Moon, Pirate, Tea Blossom, Tradewinds, Woodland Fey.

Forever Magnolia with May Dew, Rose Garden, Tea Blossom.
Green Man- with May Dew, Mykonos, Witchfire, or  Woodland Fey.

Horse Whispers with Pirate, Tunisian Opium, Woodland Fey.
Lavender Bliss- with May Dew, Mermaid, or Rose Garden.

Lilac Chai with May Dew, Tea Blossom, Rose Garden, White Lilac.
May Dew- with Mermaid, Rose Garden, Tea Blossom, Scarlett Letter, Summer Breeze, Tullia's Flowers, Woodland Fey, or Yasmeen.
Mermaid- with Pirate, Summer Breeze, Scarlett Letter, Tart, Tea Blossom, Tropical Nights, Tullia's Flowers, Vanilla X,  or Yasmeen.

Mykonos- with October Moon, Patchouli Nirvana, Tradewinds, or Woodland Fey.

October Moon- with Patchouli Nirvana, Pirate, Shangri-La, Tart, Scarlett Letter, Witchfire, or Woodland Fey.

Patchouli Nirvana- with Pirate, Rose of Babylon, Rose Garden, Shangri-La, Tullia's Flowers, Witchfire or Yasmeen.

Pirate- with Tart, Tradewinds, Vanilla X or Witchfire.
Rose of Babylon- with Shangri-La, Tullia's Flowers, Witchfire or Yasmeen.

Rose Garden- with Scarlett Letter, Tea Blossom, 
Tullia's Flowers, White Lilac, Vanilla X or Yasmeen.

Scarlett Letter- with Summer Breeze, Tart, Tea Blossom, 
Tullia's Flowers, White Lilac,  or Witchfire.

Shangri-La- with Tullia's Flowers, Witchfire or Yasmeen.

Summer Breeze- with Tea Blossom or White Lilac.

Tart- with Tullia's Flowers or Witchfire.

Tea Blossom- with White Lilac.

Tradewinds - with Witchfire.

Tropical Nights- with Tullia's Flowers or White Lilac.

Tullia's Flowers- with Vanilla X, Witchfire or Yasmeen.
Vanilla X- with White Lilac or Witchfire.

White Lilac with Yasmeen.

Witchfire - with Woodland Fey or Yasmeen.

Woodland Fey- with White Lilac.