Q:   What is perfume made of?
A:   Commercial perfumes are made from essential oils(obtained from flowers and plants),
Synthetic fragrance chemicals, dilutents and fixatives, all blended into an alcohol base.

Q:   Why are Aroma Sanctum's perfumes different?
A:   At Aroma Sanctum we blend our perfumes from natural essential oils and fragrance oil compounds, without the use of alcohol dilutents or harsh chemicals. The resulting scent is more natural and pleasant, and lasts 8-24 hours on the skin. Oil perfumes react more with individual chemistry, creating a signature scent unique to the individual. They have a long shelf life (2-10 years if stored away from heat and sunlight) and are well tolerated by allergic people. Also, none of our perfumes or products are tested on animals.

Q:   If I am allergic to regular perfumes, will I have a reaction to Aroma Sanctum's natural perfumes?
A:   Individual reactions do vary but we have found many people who discover they can wear our scents safely. Softer scents like Egyptian Musk, China Musk Rain and Amber seem to be safer than strong fruity or floral perfumes. We can advise you, based on how sensitive you are, which perfumes would be best to try, and you can order samples at a low cost.

Q:   How can I tell what fragrance is right for me?
A:   Our perfumes really need to be experienced on the skin since they react so individually with your skin chemistry so we recommend ordering samples to try. Read through the detailed descriptions of our 4 Fragrance Collections  to get ideas. We can certainly advise you based on perfumes you have worn and liked in the past.

Q:   What is aromatherapy?
A:   Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, which are extracted from plants and flowers, in the healing of the body and mind. The oils are used in therapeutic bath and massage treatments for various conditions. This ancient art has become very popular, and there are many excellent books on the subject. Aroma Sanctum sells many of the essential oils used in aromatherapy.

 Common Sense Safety Precautions:

All our essential and fragrance oils are undiluted so use with care. A drop or two per day is all that is needed for perfume purposes. They are FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY- keep out of the reach of children and pets. Always blend oils with a carrier oil or one of our bath products before using in the bath. If oils get into eyes, swab eye generously with vegetable oil before rinsing with water and seeing you doctor.
Aroma Sanctum Perfumes will not be responsible for any problems resulting from the disregard of these precautions.