Essential and Fragrance Oils

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT where you find my wearable perfume oils-if you are looking for the oils such as Celestial Smoke or Rain (the fragrances that were on the bar in my shop), please go to the FRAGRANCE COLLECTIONS link! All are listed there with descriptions in the various collections. This page contains the single notes only, such as plain Lavender oil, Patchouli oil, Lemon oil  etc.

  My essential oils are the finest quality and are from reputable sources around the world. They are used in perfumery, healing and aromatherapy. Essential oils are extracted/distilled directly from the actual plants and are very powerful substances. I NEVER recommend taking them internally! Prices are for .25 oz. unless otherwise noted. Please call if you need a larger size.

Our fragrance oils are naturally derived fragrance compounds that are used in perfumery, cosmetics/body products and can also be diffused in the home. Our fragrance oils are NOT  for use in making candles- please use oils with a guaranteed safe flash point from a candle making supplier. Prices are for .25 oz.
Samples available for $5.00 each or free with your purchase of $50 or more! 

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