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A very euphoric and hypnotic fragrance , very helpful for stress and anxiety. Neroli is also used in aromatherapy for emotional hysteria, heart palpitations and to calm the nerves.  Heavenly organic Neroli (Orange Blossom) from Morocco, along with bergamot, labdanum resin, frankincense, and vetiver essential oils. This is an intense Neroli perfume,  not too sweet, with smoky incense undertones from the labdanum and vetiver, which are very grounding. Try layering with Grail from this collection, or Sacred Sandalwood , Woodland Fey or Yasmeen from the House Blends Collection, or with Wicked Lisarah (Wicked Collection).    $80.00 for the .25 oz.,   $160.00 for the .50 oz.

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