Divali .25 or .50 oz Perfume Oil

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  Diwali , the Festival of Lights, is one of the most joyous festivals in India, and has been embraced by Indians of all faiths as a a time of giving and goodwill. Celebrated in the autumn, it features the lighting of thousands of oil lamps, gift giving, special dances and prayers, and rich desserts. This gourmand floral fragrance is inspired by the decadent   almond desserts, which are often made with rosewater . It opens with a very sweet  but transient almond note, with bergamot, frangipani, rose, sandalwood, musk and creamy tonka bean- it dries down to a soft powdery woodsy floral later on.  Try layering with Celestial Smoke, Lilac Chai, Rose Garden , Sacred Sandalwood, Shangri-La, Vanilla X, or Yasmeen. Or try it with Scarlett Letter from the Olde Salem Collection.   $35.00 for the .25 oz.,    $70.00 for the .50 oz

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