Custom Fragrances

 For many years I have had the pleasure of designing custom fragrances for individuals in my retail store in Salem MA. Since the COVID-19 pandemic I have not been offering this service (too much close physical contact for everyone), and am not sure when I will again. I plan on closing the retail location at the beginning of 2021 and going totally online, but will keep designing new scents for my various Fragrance Collections lines.  Someday when the pandemic calms down I plan on doing various events, workshops etc. and may offer custom perfumes again. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign on to our email list for future updates. ALL of the custom formulas I have ever made, going back to 1996,  are still on file and can be ordered by phone, or email for pricing etc. [email protected].

  In the meantime we now have 4 different Fragrance Collections available online, and many of the scents are compatible. You can read through the descriptions for ideas on blending and layering, then collect a few and create your own unique perfume!

Thank you for understanding-

Akuura Kulak