Absinthium .25 or .50 oz Perfume Oil

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Let the legendary Green Fairy take you on a magical journey! This extremely complex and bewitching fragrance opens with distinctive notes of the notorious liqueur Absinthe-  lemon, sweet star anise, spicy coriander, cardamom, and  nutmeg, and bitter green wormwood. From there she tumbles you into a tangled undergrowth of forest and pine notes,  grass, orris, and linden blossom , finally leaving you to recover on a deep dark bed of  oakmosss and  sensual labdanum. Don't let her steal your soul!  Unlike the bright green trademark hue of the drink, this oil is absolutely BLACK due to the dark essential oils in it. Try layering it with Darkwoods, Fire of Isis , Forest Rain, Woodland Fey or Witchfire.   $50 for the.25 oz or $100 for .50 oz. 

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