My Story-

   I started making my own oil based perfumes as a hobby when I was a
teenager, after finding I was allergic to many of the synthetic chemical
ingredients, dilutents etc. in commercial perfumes.  A self-taught
"nose", I use essential oils and high quality fragrance ingredients
(which all get tested on me first!) to make my fragrances.

  After studying graphic design and photography at Mass. College of Art
in Boston I started working at a lovely shop on Newbury St. which sold
perfume oils and body products. I managed the store for 2 years, and got
to meet some wonderful people and hone my custom blending skills- it was
great fun! A few years later, in 1996, I opened Aroma Sanctum Perfumes
in downtown Salem MA, my home town. I had a great location for my witchy
apothecary type shop. I specialized in making custom fragrances for
clients, as well as selling a ready made line of scents , natural body
products, and soaps. Tourists and visitors came to the famous historic
city from all over the world, especially during the Halloween
festivities. I found that there were many others like me, who could not
wear commercial perfumes, and who really loved and appreciated my products.

  In 2021, after much debate and much frustration due to the pandemic
and its ongoing restrictions, and other issues I closed the retail
location in Salem and moved to Arizona. (I have some health issues and
do much better in a warm dry climate). Aroma Sanctum is now an expanding
online/mail order business with very loyal cult following from around
the world. The alchemy continues- my mission of providing people with
unique and interesting fragrances, made from the finest ingredients.
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