"Your perfumes are the only ones I buy now! I love every scent I've gotten!"                   -Emily M.

"I just love your products. There are no others that can even compare!
I am so happy that I found your shop when I was in Salem.
I don't know how I ever went without it and I will never use any other!"                                 - Kim E.

 I was at your shop over a decade ago.  At the time, I purchased a bottle of Fire of Isis.
Up until recently, I had forgotten the name of your store.  I finally remembered the name of your store, so I ordered a bunch of your sample fragrances.
You are the best perfumier ever!!!  Bar none.  I have dabbled with aromatherapy all my life, but I think your are the most gifted.  I cannot express my gratitude to you!  I love all of the samples!  *lol*  I'll have to decide which ones to get larger bottles of.  I must say...you make it hard for a girl to decide! I literally have lived all of the world since finding you (I started out in Bahrain and am now in Germany.)  I have been to perfumiers from Cairo to Paris.  YOU are the BEST!  I will tell many about you and your blends! Thank you!!! Blessed Be.
                                                                                                                                                          - Lisa Marie 

Dear Akuura,
I have visited your store and ordered some oils on line.  I have wanted to get my dad in to your store to have you re-create a favorite scent of his that was discontinued.  I had my dad bring me the last little bit of this favorite oil at Thanksgiving - it is a rose musk from the Body Shoppe in London.  It is old, but still aromatic.  Since I live far away, I am wondering if I could mail this sample to you and have you do your best to re-create the scent.  I know you had told me that you like to smell it on the person, but I really want to get this for my dad for christmas and he is much too frail to make the long trip.  Would this be something you would consider?  Thanks for any information. 
Kind regards,
Kathleen M

Hi Akuura,
I just want you to know how wonderful the oil is that you blended for my dad.  He was in heaven and smelled like it, too!  It is such a delicious fragrance and everyone put on a little dab and it was the best smelling Christmas dinner ever!!  My mom is now jealous and wants me to take her up to see  you.  We will be visiting soon!  Thank you again for your wonderful work.  Have a very happy new year.
Kathleen M