This is an exclusive design from Peter Stone, in sterling silver with our logo in 18kt gold, with a 20" chain. This is to commemorate our upcoming 20th anniversary, and we expect them in at the beginning of September. Price is $85.00.
Call the store at (978)740-9400 to pre-order now! (limited quantities available)

Peter Stone recommends using a funnel but tiny funnels are a real pain so I have included a small pipette to transfer your oil perfume. The bottle pendant holds about 1/4 of the  pipette volume. Rinse the pipette well with rubbing alcohol after use.
Unscrew the top of the bottle.There is a small black o-ring seal up above the threaded part of the stem. If this gets stuck inside the bottle opening remove with a toothpick or pen tip and slide it back up all the way to the top of the stem. I have included an extra red o-ring as a spare in case you lose the original . This prevents the bottle from leaking when it is not being worn.
Fill the bottle slowly with your oil
Screw the top back on carefully




We are proud to feature these beautiful bottles created by Vermont glass artist Robert Burch.
From left to right here are the styles and prices:

Medium Silver Veil- 3 1/2 inches diameter- $130
Heart - 4 inches across - $120
Tall Triangle - 5 inches tall - $85
Short Triangle - 2 1/2 by 3 inches - $75
Medium Triangle - 3 by 3 inches - $80
Small Silver Veil - 3 inch diameter by 2 inches tall - $100

The round Silver Veil designs are amazing swirling galaxies of blues and greens.
All the other style bottles are available in red, purple, blue, and teal green. Please call the shop to order as our inventory changes constantly.

We also have many unique antique bottles ranging in price from $25 to $150.