Home Fragrances

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Room Sprays

These are simple mixtures of alcohol, water and essential oils which are non-toxic but very effective. Use to freshen your home, office, car etc.                                                      View Picture

(Do not spray in eyes or near open flame.)


Broom Spray- heather, lavender and other herbs -spray on a broom and sweep away negative energies, or use as a room spray.

8 ounces $23.95                

Four Theives Blend- This is a potent combination of essential oils said to have been used by a group of thieves in medieval Europe to protect themselves from the bubonic plague.

8 ounces $23.95                

Refresh - a natural disinfectant containing rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and orange. Clears away offensive odors, fights germs, mold, mildew, dust mites.

8 ounces $23.95               

Spice - the comforting scent of gingerbread and vanilla.

8 ounces $23.95                

Yuletide Room Spray- this wintry blend of evergreen and frankincense can be enjoyed year-round.

8 ounces $$23.95                

Linen Sprays

Delicate and light, use to gently scent your sheets,
bedding and freshly dried laundry.
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(do not use in the dryer, as some contain alcohol.)

Island Flowers
- a delicate scent of Hawaiian plumeria and gardenia.          

8 ounces $23.95               

- pure lavender water soothes stress and aids sleep.

8 ounces  $23.95                  

- a traditional romantic blend of lavender and rosewater.

8 ounces  $23.95              

Watermint - a fresh herbal scent with mint and cucumber notes.

8 ounces  $23.95              

Light Bulb Rings- these white porcelain rings can be used with a few drops of fragrant oil on light bulbs, radiators, stoves or metal baseboard heaters to scent your home

$5.50 each